25 Jul

Chatwing Mobile App Builder Gives Sports Fans the Ultimate Tool to Create Their Own Messaging App

The world of chatting has been dominated by Chatwing’s chat app building software since its release. Firstly, the big industries took note of this awesome application including businesses for internal communication and podcasts that can run in computers and smartphone with ease. Now it is time for the general sports lovers to take note of this brilliant application and create their own fan base app regarding the teams and sports industries they love. People around the world are crazy about a variety of games. 
They really need something to communicate with fellow game lovers and express or share their opinions while building a core user base. This great mobile app builder can change the way people enjoy games. People now have the option to communicate with fellow lovers of the same game at the time when the game is running live. Yes, even Pokemon! These kinds of opportunities were rare before Chatwing came up with this awesome application. This application allows people to communicate with a single person in a group with great ease, as it allows communication within a group. 
The admins can customize the app to their specific ideas and allow open registration within the group or closed registration. This is also a great feature of the application. The user also has the opportunity to select the background color of the chatbox from a number of color choices. The user has the choice to block any person within the group if the need arises. So he or she can control the group and keep the number of people within the group in a selective manner.

We at Chatwing always try to upgrade the application based on the feedback we receive from our users, as people always feel the urge to expect something more from us. Our updates regarding this mobile app builder application are given right here.
To get started building your own white label app visit the app wizard inside your Chatwing dashboard
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14 Jul

How to build a custom app for your podcast

Chatwing’s mobile app builder enables people to create a custom app for any category and use case including podcasting.

Chatwing is the industry’s only custom podcast app builder that combines on demand listening and real time communication.

Begin with your own custom-made white-label app designed exclusively for your podcast.
It is a stand-alone app as well as gateway to communicate with and grow your audience.

Custom App.  First, we will create a custom IOS and Android app featuring your show brand, logo, social media links, chat room, and private messaging with easy playback of your program’s current episode, archives, and even a live stream.

This is a done-for-you solution. There are no technical or developmental skills required on your part.
Simply login to your Chatwing dashboard and click on the App Wizard, then provide us with your podcast logo, show description, audio files, RSS feed, and any other of the many features supported including earning money by displaying advertisements inside your app. You can upload your own advertisement image or create a Google Admob account and sync inside your dashboard to begin earning instantly.

Submission to App Stores. 
Chatwing will submit your app to the Apple store and Google Play Store for your Android app where it can be downloaded free by your listeners. Because it is your app, it is searchable by your program name ​making it easy for listeners to locate and download your app.

Audience Metrics and Analytics.
Audience measurement and app usage statistics are available in real time so that you can see how many people are using your app and listening to your shows.

Chat Sync
Your app can support group chat, private messaging, push notifications, and the 100’s of Chatwing web chat rooms features that can still sync to your app. This means users can be chatting in your existing chat room on your website and at the same time other users are chatting from your iPhone, iPad, and Android app all together.



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29 Jun

New Feature: Chat Room Theme Customizations

For admins using the chat room theme, additional customization options are now available.
Adjust the Width of the User List and Font Size.

Also customize the default login instruction text, including the Font, Size, and Color.

This can all be done inside your dashboard under the “User List” -> “Content” tab

Note: in order for the User List to display in your chat box you must select the Chat Room Theme under the “Theme” tab inside your dashboard.

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30 May

Create a Chat App – Turn Chats into a Real Time iOS + Android App with Chatwing App Wizard

Chatwing’s App Wizard is now available inside the dashboard. 

The Chat App Wizard enables you to turn your chats into a custom live iPhone, iPad, and Android app in 5 simple steps plus customize with numerous other features including, Upload Audio for Live Streaming or On Demand Listening, Create Youtube Video Channels, Conduct Live Help with Private Messaging, Send Real Time Push Notifications and much more.

Real Time App Features Include:
-New Message Push Notification and Email Alerts
-New Message Counts display Next to Each Chat
-Instant Messaging
-Private Chat
-Group Chat
-Conduct Live Help
-Syncs to Your Website
-Add Remove Chats in Real Time
-User List – Manage Users and App Access in Real Time
-Read Only Chat Channels

Feature: Earn Money with Advertisements from Google. Ads display live inside your app.

Feature: Create Dedicated Video Channels

Get Started by Clicking App Wizard from inside Dashboard:

Note: This is not just another app builder. The Chatwing app builder is the Only Real Time Custom App Communication Solution you will find on the web. Please contact us with any questions.

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18 May

Update Your Website Embed Code

To optimize performance of your chat room software it is always a good idea to periodically update your Chatwing embed code by copying the latest code from your dashboard and pasting into your site.

Use Chatbox —> Embedded Options

The other advantage of updating your embed code is by logging into your Chatwing dashboard you’ll get to view all the latest features available and make updates to your chat with new features you would not have discovered without viewing your dashboard.

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07 May

NEW: Upload Images directly into Chats !!

Upload any image from your computer or phone and it will instantly display inside the chat. Plus take photos in real time from Apps and post live!

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12 Apr

New Feature: READ ONLY MODE – How to Create an Expert Chat Discussion

It is now possible to turn any chat room into read only mode, enable expert chat rooms for group discussion that can be placed on your website, accessed using a direct link, or used within your own real time custom app.

The following is possible with an expert chat:
– Only the invited experts are able to join and participate in the chat
– Other people besides the invited experts are not allowed to participate the chat, but they can view the conversation and read only.

Real Time iPhone, iPad, and Android Chat Apps powered by Chatwing can have dedicated Video Channels using Read Only Mode:

How to turn any chat into a read only chat or channel:
Simply activate “Read Only” Mode from dashboard here:
Chatbox — > General options — > “Read Only”

To allow additional users(experts) to post messages inside a read only channel simply add them as a moderator from your dashboard and provide atleast “Send Messages” control.

Moderator — > Add Email — > “Send Messages”

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13 Feb

New Feature Alert! Allow Guests to Post Emojis & Links

Admins can now allow guests to post hot links and emojis into chatbox

How to Enable Feature from Dashboard ?

Message >>> 
Content >>> 
Guests can post emoticons and links >>>

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21 Jan

How to turn Chatbox to Chat Room Theme in 1 click

When creating a Chat Widget by default the Chat Box theme displays.
To use Chat Room theme and display a user list on the side of the Chat Box.

From Dashboard Select: 

Create Chat Room
09 Sep

New Updates have been pushed Live

Chatwing’s Latest Updates are Now Live. These include performance optimizations plus additional features and services that will be announced over the coming weeks.