23 Mar

Setup Chatbox & Chatroom Facebook Login Authentication

Since Chatwing has received 1000’s of inquiries over the last days from webmasters regarding the Facebook data freakout and how it affects their website chatroom and chatbox we can assure all Chatwing webmasters and their community of users that everything is fully secure with Chatwing powered chat rooms that use facebook authentication for login, Chatwing does not share, sell, or in anyway leverage this data.

Furthermore, Chatwing, the leading chatbox and chat room for websites and communities across the web has additional unprecedented features available to webmasters looking to use Facebook login for their chatbox or chatroom that no other chat service online offers.

Chatwing supports the ability to integrate your own Facebook app and authenticate directly via your account. Not only does this provide a seamless white label solution for webmasters looking to leverage facebook login to the chat with direct authentication for their community, now also with the recent interest to further secure community’s facebook data this can be used as an additional step for your chatroom and chatbox.

How do you setup facebook chatroom login authentication ?

Enter the App Wizard section of your Chatwing dashboard and select “AUTHENTICATION”website chatroom login

Under the 3rd party OAuthentication

Select: Allow login Facebook and enter your Facebook App ID/Client ID.

To save, select: Update Authentication

How to find my Facebook App ID/Client ID?

Next: navigate to the Chatboxes section and click Add to app next to the chatbox/chatroom you wish to use your Facebook authentication for login.


Now your Chatwing powered Chatbox and Chatroom will authenticate login using your custom Facebook App. 

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