15 Nov

App Builder | Create iOS and Android mobile app in 4 steps – No Coding!

The Chatwing App Wizard enables anyone to create their own real time custom branded app in minutes.

Simply click the App Wizard link inside your dashboard to get started

Step 1: App Settings
Select your app title(30 characters max) and a short description(80 characters max)

Step 2: App Image
Upload your app icon (size 1024x1024px) or let our team design for you free!

Step 3: App Theme
Design and select which features you want in your app!
Add chat rooms, private messaging, RSS feeds, Forum, Audio content, Social links.
No worries, all these features can be controlled in real time even after the app is live.

Step 4: App Controls
Select if you would like a Public or Private Secure app.
Public apps have the ability for anyone to discover and access your app while private secure apps provide you the controls to limit who can login and access the app content.

Select a plan and checkout. 

Your apps will be live in the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store within 24-48 hours.

Special Offer!
Thinking about creating a mobile app but still not sure?
Contact us and request a 2 month free trial using Chatwing app builder.

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