06 Aug

10 Reasons to Use Chatwing’s App Wizard

Chatwing is the newest tool that businesses of all shapes and sizes can use to march forward to their success. Chatwing is a customizable mobile messaging platform where organizations and individuals can create their very own app in just a few clicks. They bring a revolutionary solution that can help users instantly create chat apps that can help them reap a myriad of benefits.

The following are the main advantages of maximizing Chatwing’s App Wizard:
1.Grow your audience
With your very own app, you can potentially connect your customers, partners, employees, organizations, and communities in the most organized way possible. Users can feel engaged and involved as you create one platform where they can meet, brainstorm, and get up-to-date updates about your organization’s whatabouts.
2. Drive app downloads
If your loyal followers know you have an app that has enticing features, they will download it themselves and also tell others about it.

3. A new way to communicate and build your audience
This might sound like an unconventional way to grow your audience, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. The new ways are usually the best ways because the lesser people following an approach, the more likely the early adopters can reap the best rewards.

4. Stream live using Google hangout or YouTube live
            It’s a fresh and convenient way to watch videos and share insights about them.

5. Earn money by selling your own advertisements or display Google AdMob ads
You can give away your app to users for free, and in turn, you can get profit from the ads that are displayed in your app.

6. Build a sustainable membership and subscription business
You can also opt to create an app that compels people to subscribe monthly or yearly. This translates to recurring and widening revenue.

7. Gather relevant insights
If you have your own app, you can use the data provided from the account system to gather insights from your audience such as iOS iPhone, iPad or Android users and retarget them with additional relevant information.

8. Display audio for on-demand listening and live streaming
This is a great avenue for radio, podcasts and even webinar and learning purposes.

9. Create dedicated video channels inside the app
You can be creative and display YouTube videos, eLearning, training or other valuable or entertaining content to keep the users engaged.

10. Integrate your social pages
This includes Facebook, Twitter, etc. While you’re gaining profit from the ads, you also have another channel to keep your audience engaged apart from communicating with them directly on Facebook and other social media sites, where you can’t earn from ads.  
The aspects above can grow your business and can help you gain what you deserve—leveraged profit and sustainable enterprise. Chatwing can be your tool to get your app venture started. Just register here to start the ball rolling.

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