26 Jul

Social Sharing: The Secret to Supercharging Your Community

A unique feature you will find within Chatwing is the ability to deeply integrate social sharing functionality which can instantly supercharge your chat, website and brand.

To get started, on the left side of your dashboard click “Social Network” Tab.
Here you will select the networks you would like to display at the top of the chat.
In this example we select Facebook and Twitter

After selecting the Networks, you can then choose the types of social sharing to enable.
For example, Facebook provides 3 different types of sharing functionality to select.
You should choose depending on your objective and what types of content you plan on sharing or how and where you plan on driving traffic.

In the below example we select “Share“. You will see the Facebook Share Button display at the top of the chat.

The other unique feature relating to implementing a Facebook Share icon and other sharing features is that you can input a specific URL that you would like to share out in this case onto Facebook. This does not need to be your Facebook page but certainly can be.

In this example we input the website https://bitcoin.org 
You will notice that the Facebook Share button displays 11K already, this is because this website has been shared on Facebook over 11K times already so Facebook automatically pulls this data in.
Depending on the website you input the Share or Like number associated with this can vary significantly at the top of your chatbox.
You can also input a custom description associated with the URL that you will be included when users share out across the specific social network.  
This is a unique social media tip only available when using Chatwing’s chat room software that can help give you a unique advantage and get the most out of social media.

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