29 Jul

How to create a membership community with a custom app

A custom appsurely has a lot of advantages. It does not only help your brand appeal more professional. It also enables you to create a solid membership community that they can appreciate. Companies and organization must understand how crucial it is to tap the attention of mobile users. 

After all, 80% of the internet users have smartphones, and all of them use their mobile phones to regularly surf. And studiesshow that 90% of their time on mobile is spent in apps. This, alone, is a huge reason for firms to create custom apps that can considerably grow their audience.

A membership community can be created once an app is customized according to a company’s needs. And once it gets marketed properly, reaching the right audience will be a done deal. People would be willing to use your app because they love to do the following:

      Shop online– more and more people are resorting to e-commerce.

·     Pass timeCustom chat apps can help people pass time while riding a train, waiting in the lobby.

·     Socialize– People love to connect with each other though apps, and the better your custom app system serves them, the wider your user base will become.

·     Read online– If your custom app offers good content, you can have people flocking to it for sure. Be it news, eBook, blog, or any valuable content, you can attract the market if you have a custom app that they can download and store in their smartphones.

·     Send messages instantly– People want to communicate in an easier and faster way. Custom apps with good chat features can be the way to go.
       Account System User List– Manage members and app subscribers all from inside your Chatwing app builder dashboard. Tag and group users and limit access to different channels and areas of the app based on groups. Use the analytics and data to help grow your subscribers and create membership app community.
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These are some of the aspects that make custom apps get the attention of mobile users worldwide. A useful tailor-made app, coupled with good app marketing, can surely reap large rewards.

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