12 Apr

New Feature: READ ONLY MODE – How to Create an Expert Chat Discussion

It is now possible to turn any chat room into read only mode, enable expert chat rooms for group discussion that can be placed on your website, accessed using a direct link, or used within your own real time custom app.

The following is possible with an expert chat:
– Only the invited experts are able to join and participate in the chat
– Other people besides the invited experts are not allowed to participate the chat, but they can view the conversation and read only.

Real Time iPhone, iPad, and Android Chat Apps powered by Chatwing can have dedicated Video Channels using Read Only Mode:

How to turn any chat into a read only chat or channel:
Simply activate “Read Only” Mode from dashboard here:
Chatbox — > General options — > “Read Only”

To allow additional users(experts) to post messages inside a read only channel simply add them as a moderator from your dashboard and provide atleast “Send Messages” control.

Moderator — > Add Email — > “Send Messages”

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