09 Jul

Granular User Setting Controls in Chat + Sound + Scroll + Style

Each User has the Individual Controls to manage their settings when selecting the TOOL ICON at the bottom of the chat.

  • Enable Sound
  • Scroll to Latest Message
  • Remember Previous Style
  • Clear Previous Style

Enable Sound:
Hear an alert sound when new messages are posted in the chat.

Scroll to Latest Message:
This feature is excellent for active chats that have constant new messages displaying. Manually read each message and scroll at your own pace.

Remember Previous Style:
All users have many options to customize the look and feel of the messages they post such as the text color, size and font. This allows you to save your existing settings on the fly as you go.

Clear Previous Style:
Default back to the original chat text display settings

Note: Website admins can control the color of the SETTINGS ICON from your dashboard: