07 Aug

Highlighting Convergence in Chatwing and Twitter Communities

A popular Chatwing use is convergence among Twitter communities and niche chatrooms. Here are some reasons why convergence is important between Twitter and ChatWING.

Both Utilize Communication
Twitter is all about micro-blogging, just like Tumblr. Chatwing, on the other hand, is about the usage of chatrooms. Nevertheless, both of them tackle communication to a certain degree.
In Chatwing widget, you can benefit from the Twitter login system. With this, visitors can use their Twitter accounts to log in. From there, it’s possible to send friend requests to these Twitter users. Now, there’s a mobile way for you to grow your followers.
The effect is also mutual. You can share your Chatwing chatroom to your Twitter wall. Simply generate a shortlink from your Chatwing dashboard and your Twitter followers can just click on it. Upon doing that, your chatroom will pop up and regular conversations can begin.
The Exposure is high
Exposure is an important factor in the cyberspace. Without this, websites will never grow, and products will have a hard time reaching people. There are hundreds of ways of generating exposure, and Chatwing-Twitter connectivity is an easy tactic.
Apparently, Chatwing chat widget can provide up to 65% exposure rate to any website—provided the usage is continuous. If the widget is linked to Twitter, the rate can even go up, depending on the niche.
If you know how to utilize the convergence among these two platforms, you’ll have greater communication within your reach. Just be patient in trying out new communication strategies from time to time.