17 Jul

Several New Chatwing Android App Features Live – Tutorial

Chatwing Android Chat App now supports Private Messaging, Saves Bookmarks, Admin Controls to Ban Users, Delete Messages and More. HERE

How To Ban Users and Delete Messages: 
Logged in Admins and Moderators will see 3 dots next to each message, touch that to display the Delete Message and Ban User tabs.

Block and Ban Icons Displayed

Similar to the website app controls set a Reason for Banning and amount of time. Also choose to ban via IP Address or by the Social Account being used. Also, choose to clear all specific banned users messages.

How to Start a Private Chat:
Click on any username in the chat and the users profile page will open that contains an arrow icon once touched will begin a PM conversation.

Private Message and New Message Alerts from Dash:
You can see from the main dashboard area if new messages are waiting and also if new chat has taken place in bookmarked rooms. 
New Private Messages are displayed in the “Conversations” tab

Additional features Now Available:
Lock and Password Protect Rooms
Display Announcements in App
And more useful settings…