19 Jun

Private Messaging in App and Web – Access Private Chats from Any Chat Room and Android App

Chatwing Private Chat is now available in all chat boxes and also the Chatwing Android App. As long as you login with the same account all your messages will be available in all places.

The Chatwing Android Chat Room App also now has an in app alert system so you will see a number next to the room or username based on the number of new messages available.

You will also now see a “Conversations” tab in the Chatwing Android App which is where all private messages are available. Click “Conversations” and you are taken to your PM area:

blog chat room

You can see in 2 conversations there are new messages available, in this example one user has sent 4 new messages and another 2 new messages, so this person has a total of 6 new messages.

blog chat

The same Private messages are available in any chatwing web chat room simply by logging in and clicking the bubble icon here:

chat room website software

Then you are in your private message area and can private chat seamless. Also the same message alerts displayed in the Android app are also displayed in your web chat pm area.

chat box website software

Your same private messages can be accessed from any chatwing chat room you login to

online chat software

Here is the same chat room conversation taking place in the Chatwing Android App