13 Jun

How to Enhance the Visibility of Your Chatwing Chat Room-Chatbox

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Chatwing is compatible with many platforms and website builders read about various tutorials how to use Chatwing guide here:
The Chatwing widget is an app that you should consider.
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This simple widget can help you in different ways possible. More than that, the tool is universal enough to be used in many niches. Over the months, it has been used by Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and even online advocates. If you’re now using this free chat widget, here are some ways on how to make it more popular.
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The first thing you have to do is to allow all social networking options. Typically, in a Chatwing widget, web users can log in with Facebook and Twitter. Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram, and VK methods were recently added by the development team to increas the app’s diversity. However, it’s normal to assume that Facebook is the most popular login choice. You can set the allowed login methods in your account dashboard.
Another way to make you chatroom popular is to link it to networks. In your dashboard, there are many networks or groups that you can choose from. The popular choice is the English network; this is where most chatroom owners converge to exchange their ideas and thoughts. It’s advisable to choose a network that is related to your niche. By connecting to a network, you’re raising the exposure rate of your chat room by more than 40%. More than that, you can make new friends.

Lastly, you need to be a responsible chatroom owner. Once the website chatroom software is embedded to your blog, spend time in monitoring it. In this way, your visitors will know that you truly care. Post topics, images, and funny videos from time to time. With these simple Chatwing widget tips, your website chatroom popularity can grow within few days or weeks.

A detailed guide on how to set up the integration is available here. For more screenshots and detailed walkthrough of login options, this post will be beneficial.