21 Jun

Can Moonfruit Users Rely on Chatwing’s Latest Chat Room App?

Can Moonfruit Users Rely on Chatwing’s Latest Chat App?
Despite the competition of website builder apps in the cyberspace today, it’s fitting to say that Moonfruit is still holding its ground. Moonfruit can help you create a website and it’s even possible to select from dozens of available themes. If you have a Moonfruit account, do you want to know how you can improve your website in terms of exposure and traffic?
In this post, you’ll be able to explore the benefits and mechanics of the Chatwing chat widget.
moonfruit chat rooms create with chatwing
The Chatwing widget is a chatroom that can be embedded to your Moonfruit site. It is versatile and user-friendly—you don’t have to worry about complex codes or techniques. Before using the widget, you have to register in the main site first. Registration can be finished in just seconds; after that, you can now create the chatroom style that you want.
The creation process is also simple, though there are many options to explore. There’s a preview panel, so you can see the progress of your customization. The elements that you can change are font styles, sizes, background images, admin settings, Announcement, Social Media Settings, and many more. Such versatility in design appealed to many Chatwing users.
Now that the creation process is tackled, it’s time to discuss about monitoring or using the chatroom efficiently. The widget has social media functions that you can explore. You and your visitors can log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The VK system is also added to expand to European users. If your chatroom is linked to social media, it will have greater exposure rate.

Since Chatwing is a progressing tool, you can expect for more changes in the coming weeks or months. Use the tool to your Moonfruit site and wait for great results.