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Monday, September 26, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 4:58 PM
Whether you are integrating chatWING to your Wordpress website direct using chatWING's HTML iFrame or Javascript code or if your using the chatWING Chat Room Wordpress Plugin it is now possible to sync your existing wordpress account system direct to your chatWING chat widget.

 Wordpress chat room plugin
chatWING Wordpress Chat Room Plugin
This is the Best Way to Create Chat Rooms using Wordpress for your Users, from your Chatwing dashboard simply click the Wordpress image on the left side of your chat box customization:

Check Box: Auto login with your website's user account 
and Generate Wordpress chat room access token

chatWING is essential for Wordpress websites looking to integrate a chat room with wordpress custom login page.

READ: Wordpress Chat Room Integration Guide

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 9:01 PM
After receiving so much feedback and questions regarding additional ways you can manage your chatbox relating to troll controls we have done a followup section.

Note: The information in the following sections is provided for all chatWING Chat Room Software Services including, chatbox, custom iOS, iPhone, iPad and Android chat apps and enterprise mobile internal communication solutions powered by chatWING.

chatWING provides the ability to moderate the chat room created by the Chat UI control.
By chatWING, an admin and chat moderator(with correct admin permissions) can delete messages, view a larger message history, and block users from posting. There are many various chat moderation features and controls available within these settings.

Anti Spam Chat Controls - Limit the number of messages that individual users can send per millisecond. The default rate limit is set at 200 milliseconds. The admin can also display a custom chat box rate limit warning message.

Dashboard  > Chatbox  > Anti Spam
Must Verify Email Chat Controls - Manage the chat but requiring users to verify their email address before being able to access or send messages into the room. Some admins do not want to require users to verify their email address for simplicity however if you do need an extra layer of troll control then requiring must verify email is 1 of the chat controls available.

Dashboard  > Chatbox  > Must Verify Email
Guests can post emoticons and links Chat Controls - The ability to limit guests from posting emojis and links is another way to manage the chat. Many users try to use guest login to mask themselves for the sole intention of promoting specific links and adverts. This feature can help to limit this chatbox activity in a casual way.
Dashboard  > Chatbox  > Message > Content > Guests can post emoticons and links

Guest Login Chat Controls - To take the guest login feature a step further you can simply not allow guests to login to your chat or app by un-checking the Guest Login Options. This way all users to the chat box must login with a secure and reliable network.

Dashboard  > Chatbox  > Privacy > Guest

The above solutions can help bring additional layers of security to chatWING chat room software and enhance chat troll control for admins. 

Internal communication used by organizations of all sizes is a way to bring troll free secure mobile messaging to your company using the chatWING app builder.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 6:00 PM
Many organizations around the world were waiting in the wings for special software that will allow them to communicate within and outside the organization with complete ease with mobile first. 

Chatwing app builder is one such communication software that is completely easy to use.
Chat App Builder

Organizations around the world all praise the excellent internal communication system that has been created by Chatwing. This app building software is as much uncomplicated as sophisticated software that can handle internal as well as external communication of an organization with absolute ease. 

This is a platform that enables a white label app with real time communication that has the capability of running steadily on iOS including iPhone, iPad plus Android devices without any glitch. 

The chat app builder developed by Chatwing has both open as well as closed types of registration system options. 

The closed registration system allows only those people with permission to be added by the admin to the dashboard and it is only these specific users that have access to login to the app. 

Example of a "secure-private app" as only LOG IN available when users download the app. Only users who have been added to the apps account system will be able to authenticate and have permission to LOG IN.
The open registration system within the app builder does not have any hurdle to register, and so anybody is allowed to register and enter the app as a member. This is the dashboard setting of a Public App with both Register/Sign Up and Log in available.

Any app can be customized to fit the specific use case and needs of the organization, this includes the messaging functionality within the app can be customized, specifically a chat room can be setup for a single member or for all the members in the app. Individual chat rooms can be embedded into any web page as a chat widget and also be secured for only specific users of the app to have access. So various forms of group communication are supported by this application. 

The app with private messaging is available for users in specific chat rooms and also for 1 on 1 live help and direct communication use cases for example an employee messaging a department within the organization. 

Both admins, moderators and users are given full freedom in respect to instant replying to any message that might be posted in the chat room. Popular social networking websites can also be easily connected with the chat room software. The users can easily send any message to the employees and dedicated departments present within the chat room and 1 on 1 private messaging features.

We at Chatwing believe and feel that the satisfaction of our customers is our main strength. This is what drives us in powering communication across the web and in creating the new add-ons to this highly successful application.

 Chat App Builder

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 9:45 PM
Another admin and moderator feature that can help keep control of your chatbox is to set IP Ranges that users are banned around.

This feature is designed to compliment the existing individual user IP address banning that is has been possible and now take it a step further and set an entire range of IP addresses to ban from. 

This new chatbox feature can be accessed by clicking "Banned IPs Range" inside your chatWING dashboard.

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