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Friday, July 29, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 5:35 AM
A custom app surely has a lot of advantages. It does not only help your brand appeal more professional. It also enables you to create a solid membership community that they can appreciate. Companies and organization must understand how crucial it is to tap the attention of mobile users. 

After all, 80% of the internet users have smartphones, and all of them use their mobile phones to regularly surf. And studies show that 90% of their time on mobile is spent in apps. This, alone, is a huge reason for firms to create custom apps that can considerably grow their audience.

A membership community can be created once an app is customized according to a company’s needs. And once it gets marketed properly, reaching the right audience will be a done deal. People would be willing to use your app because they love to do the following:

      Shop online- more and more people are resorting to e-commerce.

·     Pass time- Custom chat apps can help people pass time while riding a train, waiting in the lobby.

·     Socialize- People love to connect with each other though apps, and the better your custom app system serves them, the wider your user base will become.

·     Read online- If your custom app offers good content, you can have people flocking to it for sure. Be it news, eBook, blog, or any valuable content, you can attract the market if you have a custom app that they can download and store in their smartphones.

·     Send messages instantly- People want to communicate in an easier and faster way. Custom apps with good chat features can be the way to go.
       Account System User ListManage members and app subscribers all from inside your Chatwing app builder dashboard. Tag and group users and limit access to different channels and areas of the app based on groups. Use the analytics and data to help grow your subscribers and create membership app community.
 Chat Room App Builder

These are some of the aspects that make custom apps get the attention of mobile users worldwide. A useful tailor-made app, coupled with good app marketing, can surely reap large rewards.

To get started building your own white label app visit the app wizard inside your Chatwing dashboard
 Membership App Builder
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 5:30 PM
Using a custom app or making one has a lot of benefits, especially if the mobile app is geared towards helping users learn well and learn more.

Here are the following perks of using and having a custom app for learning.

       1.     Learning becomes even more accessible

    For users, it will surely delight them if they can turn their smartphones to ultimate learning tools. Those self-learners will like the idea of having a learning app right on their mobile phones. It’s an easy and accessible way to gain more knowledge about whatever that interests them.

        2.     Positively Impacts the Society

If there will be more custom learning apps in the world, it will certainly impact the society as a whole. Instead of propagating apps that cause more harm than good, it’s certainly more productive and worthwhile to create or use apps that promote learning. If there will be custom learning apps for just about any theme and topic, people can get to have a go-to place for each exclusive skill or concept they want to learn or master.  Once the people become learned, further impact will be felt in a large-scale way.

         3.     Easy Information Dissemination

If you are an institution, like a review center, school, tutorial center, etc., creating a custom app for learning for your members will be a great idea. Spreading new information will become easier and faster. It would also become more beneficial if the app has a chat option where everybody can communicate openly. Chatwing is an example of a custom app builder with this helpful feature. They can also help you customize apps in a way that fits your needs.

       4.     100% Cloud Learning -
                Syncs across all Devices and Platforms

The ability for teachers, students, and all users participating in the learning experience can easily navigate and be involved from any mobile device, computer, and tablet. The Chatwing white label app solution makes learning seamless and real time no matter where in the world you are.  

These are some of the best reasons to set up or continue using learning apps. They bring a whole heap of impact that can truly make a difference.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 5:39 PM
For sure, you’re not just making an app for the fun of it. You, of course, would want your app to bring you cash, new users, customers and help your overall business. Here are the things that can do just that:


  1. Freemium for games and apps.
This isn’t only the most common monetization means for apps and games but the most lucrative as well. In fact, in-app purchases got the 78% of the entire Apple App Store’s revenue in the United States and more than 90% in Asia.
A freemium game or app is offered for free to the users but with limited content, features, or digital goods. People can access the premium version to get extra content or feature via in-app purchases. This can also go with monthly subscriptions. Offering a free game or app enables you to get rid of the price barrier that usually hiders people to initially download an app.

  1. One-time paid applications.
You can also have an app that users can pay only once for the initial download. The updates and additional features will then be free.
Paid apps can be a success if it’s made compelling enough for people to buy even without trial. The drawback for this type of monetization is that there will be no repeat profit for the current clients. You still have to find new clients each time.

  1. Paid apps with extra paid features.
This model is promising although it has received lots of criticism, given how unfair it is to spend money to download an app then pay over and over again to get more features. Sticking to this model can be tricky, but if you can market well and highlight an attractive value proposition, it could actually work.

4. Free apps with ads.
The above options all require users to pay. This option, on the other hand, involves giving away your app for FREE. However, you can get good money through advertisements. This is the ideal model to use if your app calls for extended and frequent use since you can make the most money if there’s a huge number of people who download and actually use your app.

5. Google Admob

Simply create a Google Admob account and drop your ad code inside your Chatwing dashboard. Then ads will begin displaying inside your app and you start earning.

There are lots of monetization options. It’s up to you to choose which one suits your app best. However, it’s been proven that the type which reaps the biggest revenue is repeated purchases and transactions from current customers. As long as your app answers the need of the market, the demand for it won’t wear out, and your revenue will remain intact.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 9:48 PM
A unique feature you will find within Chatwing is the ability to deeply integrate social sharing functionality which can instantly supercharge your chat, website and brand.

To get started, on the left side of your dashboard click "Social Network" Tab.
Here you will select the networks you would like to display at the top of the chat.
In this example we select Facebook and Twitter

After selecting the Networks, you can then choose the types of social sharing to enable.
For example, Facebook provides 3 different types of sharing functionality to select.
You should choose depending on your objective and what types of content you plan on sharing or how and where you plan on driving traffic.

In the below example we select "Share". You will see the Facebook Share Button display at the top of the chat.

The other unique feature relating to implementing a Facebook Share icon and other sharing features is that you can input a specific URL that you would like to share out in this case onto Facebook. This does not need to be your Facebook page but certainly can be.

In this example we input the website https://bitcoin.org 
You will notice that the Facebook Share button displays 11K already, this is because this website has been shared on Facebook over 11K times already so Facebook automatically pulls this data in.
Depending on the website you input the Share or Like number associated with this can vary significantly at the top of your chatbox.

You can also input a custom description associated with the URL that you will be included when users share out across the specific social network.  

This is a unique social media tip only available when using Chatwing's chat room software that can help give you a unique advantage and get the most out of social media.
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 6:59 PM
Local leaders of any place or country need to keep communicating with the people that have voted for them, to understand and hear the problems of the people. 

Chatwing mobile app builder software has opened the gates for such communication. The local leaders of any group or party can remain in constant touch with the local people via creating a custom white label community app using Chatwing's mobile app builder

Your own application can go a long way in increasing the popularity of a local leader. Nowadays smartphones are in the hands of every individual around the world. So communicating with local people via your custom communication application can be the easiest way to get inside their head. 

Chatwing powered chat applications have the easiest option to respond instantly to any query the people might have for the local leader. This is a great way for the local leader to show passion for the people in the locality. 

The custom iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android app also gives the opportunity to the local leaders to send a common message to all the people in his locality via a single push notification, SMS text message, in app chat message and also email. This not only saves time for the leader, but also is very fast way to reach out to the people. This type of swift communication will always keep the local leader ahead of his competitors. The local leader can always put the color or image of his choice as the background image of the chatroom. There are hundreds of color combinations and designs to choose while every feature within the app can be customized, even upload images directly from the app!

We at Chatwing think about all types of users that can use the system and the best possible options for the users’ comfort. With so many great facilities available, it is Chatwing's mobile app builder and communication platform that enables the simplicity and tools to enhance all communities.

To start building your local communication app, login to the Chatwing dashboard and click Create App
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Posted by Chat Wing
| 5:59 PM
The world of chatting has been dominated by Chatwing’s chat app building software since its release. Firstly, the big industries took note of this awesome application including businesses for internal communication and podcasts that can run in computers and smartphone with ease. Now it is time for the general sports lovers to take note of this brilliant application and create their own fan base app regarding the teams and sports industries they love. People around the world are crazy about a variety of games. 

They really need something to communicate with fellow game lovers and express or share their opinions while building a core user base. This great mobile app builder can change the way people enjoy games. People now have the option to communicate with fellow lovers of the same game at the time when the game is running live. Yes, even Pokemon! These kinds of opportunities were rare before Chatwing came up with this awesome application. This application allows people to communicate with a single person in a group with great ease, as it allows communication within a group. 

The admins can customize the app to their specific ideas and allow open registration within the group or closed registration. This is also a great feature of the application. The user also has the opportunity to select the background color of the chatbox from a number of color choices. The user has the choice to block any person within the group if the need arises. So he or she can control the group and keep the number of people within the group in a selective manner.

We at Chatwing always try to upgrade the application based on the feedback we receive from our users, as people always feel the urge to expect something more from us. Our updates regarding this mobile app builder application are given right here.
To get started building your own white label app visit the app wizard inside your Chatwing dashboard
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Posted by Chat Wing
| 9:35 PM
Chatwing's mobile app builder enables people to create a custom app for any category and use case including podcasting.

Chatwing is the industry's only custom podcast app builder that combines on demand listening and real time communication.

Begin with your own custom-made white-label app designed exclusively for your podcast.
It is a stand-alone app as well as gateway to communicate with and grow your audience.

Custom App.  First, we will create a custom IOS and Android app featuring your show brand, logo, social media links, chat room, and private messaging with easy playback of your program's current episode, archives, and even a live stream.

This is a done-for-you solution. There are no technical or developmental skills required on your part.
Simply login to your Chatwing dashboard and click on the App Wizard, then provide us with your podcast logo, show description, audio files, RSS feed, and any other of the many features supported including earning money by displaying advertisements inside your app. You can upload your own advertisement image or create a Google Admob account and sync inside your dashboard to begin earning instantly.

Submission to App Stores. 
Chatwing will submit your app to the Apple store and Google Play Store for your Android app where it can be downloaded free by your listeners. Because it is your app, it is searchable by your program name ​making it easy for listeners to locate and download your app.

Audience Metrics and Analytics.
Audience measurement and app usage statistics are available in real time so that you can see how many people are using your app and listening to your shows.

Chat Sync
Your app can support group chat, private messaging, push notifications, and the 100's of Chatwing web chat rooms features that can still sync to your app. This means users can be chatting in your existing chat room on your website and at the same time other users are chatting from your iPhone, iPad, and Android app all together.



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